Supporting wildlife & the community

Working with the natural balance

Much of our wildlife is in decline from an imbalance often caused by man, either directly or indirectly within the local community causing localised extinctions of previous natural species. We hope you will take the time to try and understand this delicate balance and the benefit to a community of a thriving wildlife population.

Our hedgehog population has declined from 30 million to 1 million in forty years, with a possible complete loss from the UK by 2025. If we just make small changes in our lives and attitudes, we may just ensure that our wonderful wildlife is here for generations to come. ‘Wildlife Rocks’ consists of an action-packed festival of education and fun for the entire community. We will be engaging people by creating a fun environment to learn about the awesome creatures we share our space with. We can give them experiences that will encourage them to explore the creatures we depend on and how the natural balance is affected by us.

As future custodians of our planet, giving children this interest will help them to develop their own ideas and solutions to problems they will face as adults. We will interact with all levels of education and all abilities from nursery through to university. ‘Wildlife Rocks‘ will be the first event of its kind in the UK or anywhere in the world. The event will appeal to children of all ages and abilities and a wide range of adults who already support wildlife. The demographic is unique. Working with children and wildlife rocks!

This is a unique event with two very important outcomes – education and the awareness of wildlife issues.

Wildlife Rocks on 1st September 2012

Wildlife Rocks: Brian and Kerry to perform in Guildford on September 1st. WILDLIFE ROCKS at GUILDFORD CATHEDRAL on SATURDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER from 11.00 am – 4.30 pm. Wildlife Rocks is an event that celebrates wildlife. It’s a fantastic day for families and friends to share wildlife experiences with celebrities and wildlife enthusiasts through music, talk and fun. BOOK NOW and join us for the best day of 2012. Come and join in the celebrations as a wildlife rocker, a stall holder, or a sponsor and let us show you just how cool Wildlife is. Rock God Brian May will be talking about his passion for wildlife and teaming up with West End superstar and chart topping recording artist Kerry Ellis to perform at the unique event.

The RSPCA’s CEO’s Gavin Grant and Will Travers CEO from Born Free will share their wealth of experiences and their views on wildlife through informative and entertaining talks. World renowned Wildlife Artist David Shepherd and founder of the foundation bearing his name will talk of his extraordinary life as one of the UK’s finest artists and his unique relationship with African wildlife. We will have bouncy castles, climbing walls, a falconry display, children’s activities and much, much more. It will be a perfect day to celebrate.

Wildlife Rocks May 2014
Wildlife Rocks May 5th 2014

How did you get involved with Wildlife Rocks?

It’s all Anne Brummer’s (CEO) fault, really. Anne has run a wildlife rescue, Harper Asprey in Camberley, for many years and has rescued hundreds if not thousands of animals. So I got involved when she asked if she could use some of my land for the soft release of some of her animals.

The idea behind Wildlife Rocks is to generate more interest and awareness of what’s going on and about how fast our wildlife is disappearing. It’s about what kind of world we want for our children. There’s only been one before, so this is the second one. I was just staggered by what Anne and her team achieved last time and this year’s Wildlife Rocks will be even more astonishing!

What will you be playing at the event and who are you playing with?

I’ll be playing some acoustic songs with Kerry Ellis (West End singer and actress). I’ll be plugging in the guitar as well – there may be a Queen song in there, you never know! We do have the Troggs playing which is making me very excited. ‘Wild Thing’ is, of course, a very appropriate anthem for what we do. We have the legendary Hawkwind,

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